Denver ARES Digital Strategy

The Denver ARES community is learning digital communications so we could better serve our served agency, the Denver Office of Emergency Management. A protocol that is common to some Colorado ARES groups, is Winlink Express, in packet and Winmor modes. We are working on getting more of our members proficient with Winlink Express, both packet and Winmor modes.

Winlink Express has pre-made ICS 213 and 309 forms, as well as ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) forms to make message construction much easier and more efficient.

Several members have been successful setting up our stations for  Winlink/Winmor. Ben, K0YDS, explains his process on this page.for the SignaLink USB and a couple of other pages for the TNC-X and Outpost Packet Message Manager. We will eventually become more acquainted with FLDIGI, which also has pre-made ICS and NTS form templates.