12 Hour Deployment Go-Kit

1 Purpose

The purpose of this Annex to to provide a list of equipment and supplies needed for deployments ranging from under 12 hours to multi-day. Each kit is broken up into 3 sections:  Radio Equipment, ARES Communicator Equipment, Personal Equipment (all photos courtesy JPGunderson AD0ZM)

2 Short Term – under 12 hours

If you are scheduled for an eight hour deployment, pack for twelve!

The 12 hour go kit in a messenger bag. Easy to carry, and light weight.

In this example, the 12 hour deployment kit is packed into a messenger bag with a shoulder strap.  It contains a number of component bags – most are water tight plastic zip-lock bags. The contents are arranged into like items:

  • Radio gear
  • Uniform
  • First aid

    THe kit unpacked into its component bags

    The Messenger bag unpacked into its component bags

  • PPE
  • Documents and Identification

Each is described below.

2.1 Radio Gear

    • HT radio, 18” whip antenna or mag-mount

      Radio Component bag

      This contains the equipment for the radio.

    • Spare battery / charger
    • HT to so-239 pigtail
    • HT Cheat sheet: programming instructions – you must be able to re-program in the field!
    • Ear piece / headset: it can get pretty noisy
    • This kit also includes a small plastic stand to hold the radio upright on a desk or table

ARES Communicator Equipment and Documents

Documents and equipment needed to function as an ARES Communicator

2.2 ARES Communicator Gear

    • Hard copy of your training certs / ARES task book
    • Hard copy of forms 213, 213RR, 214, 309
    • Optional – flash drive with forms in pdf
    • ARES uniform (Separate ziplock bag)
      • ARES vest / hat
    • CVM / Salamander Photo ID badge
    • Notebook (waterproof is good), 2 pens / pencils
    • Small Clipboard
    • Watch / clock

2.3 Personal Gear

    • Meds needed for 24 hours
    • Water, snacks
    • Appropriate foul weather gear (raincoat/poncho)
    • Flashlight
    • Small First Aid Kit (Separate ziplock bag)

      Simple first aid supplies, band-aids, disinfectant, insect repellent, throat lozenges, etc.

      Simple first aid supplies, band-aids, disinfectant, insect repellent, throat lozenges, etc. The actual contents will vary based on the needs and training of the individual.

      • throat lozenges,
      • analgesics,
      • anti-histamines/decongestants
      • A few band-aids
      • antibiotic ointment
      • insect repellent
    • Personal Protective Equipment Component bag

      This includes gloves, masks and sanitizer

      Personal Protection Equipment (separate ziplock bag)

      • 2 pair Nitrile gloves
      • 2x face mask
      • Small hand sanitizer